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Clients and markets

Our clients, both National and International, span a range of markets. 

Fruit Juice
We pack Fruit Juices and Smoothies in ESL and U.H.T. cartons, bottles, stick packs and bag-in-box for a number of leading brands.

Milk and Dairy Alternatives
We process and pack a range of milks and milk alternatives in ESL and UHT cartons and can also pack in ESL bottles.

Currently we pack a range of dairy alternatives for leading retail suppliers, including goats milk, soya milk, rice milk, hemp milk and oat milk.

We pack ESL liquid egg in packaging ranging from 1 litre cartons to 1000 litre bag-in-box.

Soft Drinks and Chilled Drinks
We are able to process and pack a range of still soft drinks, including still lemonade, juice drinks and foodservice blends. We also manufacture iced coffee.

Ice Cream and Milkshakes
Whilst we manufacture the Scottish Pride range of ice cream mixes and thick shakes, we are also able to use our expertise in this field to contract pack desserts and sauces for brand owners.

We can, and do, process other liquid foods which can be packed in a range of packaging.

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