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End-to-end process

As contract packers we offer different processes to each client dependent on their needs.

Receipt of Raw Material
We can handle liquid raw materials in drums, IBCs or tankers, in chilled or frozen formats.

We can also handle dry ingredients, which we are able to blend at our premix facility.

Defrost Plant
Our innovative on-site defrost plant is designed to defrost 2400 litres of product per hour, meaning your finished product can be ready for dispatch within one day.

Products can be pre-blended using a range of ingredients and we have an excellent range of process vessels to complete this stage.

Heat Treatment
All our products are gently pasteurised to ensure food safety, whilst maintaining freshness and natural taste. We have a range of tubular and plate heat exchangers to achieve this step.

Some products benifit from homogenisation. All our lines have homogenisers which we can use as required.

Aseptic Tanks
Most of our lines have aseptic tanks prior to the fillers. This ensures no product is recycled if the filler stops. Aseptic tanks help us keep product quality fresh and natural.

Our filling lines are automated and of high quality. All our carton fillers are TetraPak or Galdi machines and our bottling lines are made by Federal and Dawson.

Some customers organise their own collection of goods whilst for others we are able to arrange dispatch.

Quality Assurance
Our Quality team are involved in every step of our process and our laboratories confirm the quality of every production run.

They make sure we achieve high standards, step by step.

We also offer a new product development facility. Our NPD team, based at our extensive technical centre, work with our customers to assist in product development; from concept to trials. 

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