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2012: Not just a significant year for sport

Jan 2011

Whilst Framptons no longer break eggs on site, we use significant quantities of liquid egg every week in the production of bakery blends, extended shelf life liquid egg and our cooked egg products.

The type of egg we use is determined by our customers who, in turn, are responding to the changing requirements of the major food retailers and food service companies.

There are three methods of egg production; free range, barn and intensive – and we can produce from any of these types. The majority of UK egg products are still produced from intensive eggs.

Following a review by the European Commission some years ago changes are due to come into effect on 1st January 2012 when traditional cages will be banned and producers of intensive eggs must change to a new colony cage system where the hens live in small colonies within much larger cages where they have dedicated laying and scratching areas, perches etc. The new system offers much improved welfare for the hens which results in improved yields. Whilst this is a win : win situation the required changes can cost as much as £20 per hen, if new buildings are required.  A producer with 500,000 hens can be faced with an investment of £10M. Such investments are quite unheard of in the egg industry and a significant number of producers are choosing not to re-invest. Where there is to be no re-investment current flocks may well be the last, as re-stocking from the middle of next year would take the next flock beyond the 1st January 2012 deadline.

There is a shortage now of intensive eggs for processing which has resulted in higher prices and this situation is likely to be aggravated as we go through the next two years.

Framptons remains committed to the British Lion scheme and we have very long standing relationships with our two main suppliers both of whom are committed to, and have started, their re-investment in the new colony systems.

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