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Somerset firm leads the way in the UK with innovative packaging

April 2013

A Somerset based company is leading the way in the UK by being the first to offer brand owners new innovative packaging for the on-the-go market.


Family owned contract packing firm Framptons Limited, who are based in Shepton Mallet are the first contract packing company in the UK with the ability to offer a new innovative pack and closure combination from the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, Tetra Pak.


Thanks to a decision taken last year to invest in the new Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex line at the Shepton Mallet factory, to meet increasing demand from current and potential customers, the company is now the first UK contract packer for the innovative Tetra Prisma Aseptic ranging from 200ml -330ml with the new re-sealable DreamCap™.


The new shape packaging and closure system has been designed with the on-the-go market in mind, the shape and size of the packaging makes it easy to use when on the move and perfect for the grab-and-go


Allan Staples, Commercial Director at Framptons, said: “The new line offers an exciting opportunity for us at Framptons, as the first contract packer able to offer this in the UK and we are looking forward to working with our existing customers as well as others brands that might be interested in the new packaging format.


“With more people drinking on the go, changes to packaging were needed to meet this demand. The portion packs and the DreamCap closure have been specially designed with this change in consumer consumption in mind, offer brand owners the chance to enhance and develop their products.


The new Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex line at Framptons is now fully operational and products run on the line during its first few weeks of production hit the shelves in mid-April.


Framptons has over a 100 years experience in the egg and food processing industry and has always been based in Somerset, from its beginning in 1898 in Street through to today where it is now based in Shepton Mallet and is the biggest employer in the town.


Ian Harvey, Managing Director at Framptons, said: The decision to invest in the new line continues our strong track record for investing in systems that can deliver innovative pack types, new carton shapes and pack closures.


“Framptons has always been based in Somerset and we have grown considerably over the years. Our Shepton Mallet site has become an impressive processing facility, providing industry leading packing services to clients and reinforcing our commitment to have a solid base in Shepton Mallet.”


The new Tetra Pak A3/CompactFlex line at Framptons is now fully operational and anyone interested in the new pack formats should contact Geoff Slater, Sales Manager at Framptons on 01749 341000
or email


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