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Liquid Egg Products

Most of our standard liquid egg products are used as ingredients in the bakery and catering industries. They deliver the same taste and performance as shell eggs, whilst saving you time and effort.

They can be used in place of shell egg for baking, scrambled eggs, omelettes, desserts, quiche, Yorkshire puddings, meringues and more.

We can supply in a range of packaging from 1 litre to 1000 litres. Most of this packaging is either 1 litre gable-top cartons or bag-in-box format, and is recyclable.

Our liquid egg mixes are primarily functional food ingredients and we take great care to preserve the natural functional properties of eggs to ensure they meet the needs of our customers.

Our standard products are liquid whole egg, egg whites, liquid egg yolk and scrambled egg mix:

Product Weight Class Equivalent to:
Whole Egg (Chilled or Frozen) 1kg  12 20 medium whole eggs
Chilled Whole Egg 10kg 1 200 medium whole eggs
Chilled Free Range Whole Egg 1kg  12 20 medium whole eggs
Chilled Free Range Whole Egg 10kg  1 200 medium whole eggs
Egg Yolk (Chilled or Frozen) 1kg  6 50 medium egg yolks
Egg Whites (Chilled or Frozen) 1kg  6 30 medium egg whites
Chilled Scrambled Egg Mix 1kg  12  8 to 12 portions

Benefits of Framptons Liquid Egg Products: 

  • Made with British Lion Quality eggs
  • Shelf life of 28 days when chilled or one year when frozen from date of production
  • Pasteurised, homogenised and packed under a rigorous HACCP Quality Assurance Programme
  • Great shell egg taste without the mess
  • Requires 60% less storage space than shell egg
  • Easy portion control
  • No added preservatives or artifical colouring 

Other blends:
We can also create custom egg blends on request. Please contact us for further details

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