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Packaging Solutions

We can pack into a range of packaging formats including:

Chilled Gable Top Cartons
Using our range of TetraPak and Galdi ESL filling machines we can produce gable top cartons in sizes from 250ml to 1125ml.

Ambient (U.H.T.) Cartons
Our ambient filling lines pack Tetra Slim, Tetra Square and Tetra Brik cartons in sizes ranging from 200ml to 1 litre. 

Chilled Bottles
Our Federal and Dawson bottling lines pack ESL bottles in sizes from 200ml to 1400ml.

Stick Packs
Our stick-pack filler can pack chilled product in sizes from 25 to 50g.

Bag in Box
We have an aseptic bag in box line that can fill from 5 litre to 20 litre bags.

We can also fill up to 1000 litre bags aseptically if required.

Other Filling Options
As always we take a flexible attitude to new opportunities.

We are happy to install other filling machines to meet the needs of our customers where the project justifies the investment.

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